Named by                        as one of Brisbane's Top 10 Personal Trainers, I believe I can play a key role in guiding people to live a healthier, more fulfilling life through habitual training and nutrition.


With the right level of support and belief, this is achievable for anyone who wants it badly enough.


I am particularly interested in empowering mums as I firmly believe this will have a direct impact on their family and the quality of their home environment. #mumswholiftrhq


I believe that the appropriate application of strength training and nutrition can significantly improve a person's quality of living as well as having a positive impact on their mind set and emotional state. This then paves the way for them to develop the ability to perform and strive for the results they desire. 

Find something you enjoy doing. However, training should be hard, it should challenging. Only when you put yourself through physical and mental challenge and struggles can you come out the otherside a stronger, better version of yourself.

Remember to play the LONG game. 



I am a powerlifting and strength and conditioning coach with a strong belief that a strong body can help build a strong mind and vice versa.


With a degree in psychology, I know the role that exercise can play in good mental health and believe having a strong and healthy body is an important cornerstone in having good quality of life.


I love showing people that they are capable of things they never thought possible with the right commitment and attitude.

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Whether you want to Improve your sport performance, reduce health risks or look and feel better, I can help you achieve your goals.  Using a functional yet fun approach, I'll help give you an edge - an edge in performance, an edge in health and an edge in life.

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I believe that working out not only creates a physically strong and healthy body but also empowers a strong and healthy mind.


My coaching is best described as having fun while getting the job done. When you find that one thing that keeps you motivated and happy, go with it, stick with it and conquer all your goals.

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Baden Quinn is an award nominated administration professional. Featured multiple times on the cover of Admin Quarterly, Baden came to Ritual HQ highly recommended by his own mother and many other completely true and correct references.

Baden is the smiling face you’ll see when you walk into Ritual, waiting to tell you how awesome you are.

When Baden isn’t being the greatest admin guru this side of the Mississippi, he is putting on shows all over Brisbane and further as the critically acclaimed Drag Queen BeBe Gunn. You’ll see BeBe pop up at Ritual HQ time to time so she can throw in her two cents on training and stare at the boys picking out her next husband.

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Life is short. Enjoy every aspect of your physical training. If you can master this I believe you will lead a satisfying and fulfilling life that you can be proud of. Exercise stimulates excellence.

HIIT and 15 Rounds

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GenFIT - For the Young at Heart

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Yoga and Meditation

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